Market Survey

Firstly, Ital Caspian identifies the opportunities offered by the Azerbaijan market for the customer and hence singles out the best possible market entry strategy.

The entire search process is conduced independently to ensure full confidentiality and control of all parameters and can be dedicated to specific product sectors, geographical areas or particularly promising sectors, the purpose being to obtain in-depth information on the potential market, including knowledge on regulations thereof. These activities require the implementation of several fundamental steps:

 examination of government laws and local legislation;
 Market research and competitiveness analysis;
 Assessment on the effect of taxes and duties;
 Identification of economic factors including monetary, political, legal and government aspects, as well as infrastructural and geographical factors and those associated with the labour market and tax that may influence the decisions of the customer;
 Risk analysis, including the identification of strengths and critical conditions of the organisation with respect to the internationalisation project.

Ital Caspian can offer a complete package of services or just those services that customers deemed necessary.