Seeking And Managing Financing

The realisation of strategies to enter a new market in a foreign country can require major financial commitments and finding competent partners. The start of sales and production activities can be much favoured and be less risky when involving entities already engaged in the sector locally.

The availability of funds provided by the European Commission and international or local institutions in Azerbaijan, allows a business to transform risks into opportunities for development.

 National financing and internationalisation
 Project analysis
 Partner search and assessment
 Project coordination and management
 International marketing and communication



When in doubt about the possibility of financing a project, idea or competitive repositioning strategy contact one of our experts to find the best solution to plan and turn your ideas into a sustainable and financed project.



Accessing a loan, specially public funding (national, international, EU or local) requires an attentive assessment of the feasibility and sustainability of the project that you intend to pursue, as all lenders are cautious and will stay away from financing initiatives that have poor probability of success.

Hence, in order to guarantee positive results, a business must come up with highly customisable projects that fully interpret and meet the assessment criteria and goals of general financial plans of lenders.

Our services offer include:

 Assessment of the relevance of the project with respect to available funding.<
 Verification of the feasibility of projects and preparation of reports, including an indication of strengths and critical points.
 Budget assessment, preparation and control.
 Verification of the formality and correctness of the produced documentation, including exhibits thereof
 Presentation of the loan application



Any initiative that requires financing may require the cooperation of a partner and use of specialist skills. All international project financing by EC require the participation of a partner from a foreign country. Ital Caspian seeks, assess and selects businesses in Azerbaijan to best suit your needs for establishing a solid partnership lasting over time.

Our services include:

 Search and assessment of partners in Azerbaijan;
 Assessment and selection of suppliers and business or industrial partners in Azerbaijan;
 Due diligence and risk analysis report



A good project is always the result of a wise resource management. Ital Caspian is involved in the preliminary phases of the project presentation, as well as in the approval and financial phase thereby ensuring the optimisation and coordination of resources at all levels.

The experience gained directly in businesses, including the management and solution of complex projects, allows for a particularly effective and efficient project management. Co-planning, assistance and technical consultancy, including administrative, financial and organisational services for the preparation of projects, the respective assessment and presentation, are just some of the services we offer.



Ital Caspian offers services regarding a mixture of strategies, instruments, marketing actions, promotion and public relation useful to promote Italian businesses in Azerbaijan, services include:

 participation to local fair events;
 distribution of informative materials during events;
 organisation of workshops, conferences and seminars, as well and training meets, sampling and show cooking, shows, etc)
 organisation of corporate presentations;
 press office and communication activities: corporate press releases, multilingual websites, social media, advertising campaigns on radio, TV and local newspapers
 missions in Italy of Azerbaijan operators and journalists;
 promotional actions with sales of points in Azerbaijan;
 organisation of seminars, and sampling of Italian food products;
 organisation of business meetings: preparation and organisation of bilateral meetings with business partners chosen by Ital Caspian and with operators selected by the Customer, including specialised consultancy by Ital Caspian staff;
 Translation and interpretation services.

Moreover, for a more effective communication during the coordination of financed projects, our services include:

 Preparation of periodic reports on the progress of projects;
 Organisation of meetings and workshops

 Planning and control of the dissemination of the results;
 Organisation and management of communication between partners, EC and stakeholders.