New business mission in Azerbaijan for Bassilichi Group

20 mart 2017

Baku, March 2017. The Bassilichi Group has made a new business trip to Azerbaijan with the support of Ital Caspian Business Consulting. A new round of business meetings with leading banks as a follow up the trip of last November, and also to present its evolved payment solutions to new potential partners such as Azerpost and Unibank. The local context is in fact evolving with the recent entry into force of a law that severely limits cash payments for public and private companies, encouraging the use of POS and payments via bank. Over the past three years, a share of non-cash payments in Azerbaijan increased by almost four percent. The increase was achieved due to increased electronic payments in stores and retail outlets as well as online purchases. The Bassilichi Group is a leader in the evolved payments solutions through its Serbian subsidiary ArsBlue (

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