“Ital Caspian Business Consulting” and “100% Italia International Trade” ink commercial collaboration agreement for the development of joint activities in Azerbaijan in favor of SMEs in the area of the Province of Salerno

8 iyul 2016

Salerno and Baku, June 2016. “100% Italian International Trade” inked a cooperation agreement with “Ital Caspian Business Consulting” in order to implement, jointly, a project of assistance to Italian companies for export and import of a wide range of products to and from the Azerbaijani territory.
“100% Italian International Trade” is a company that aims to promote international trade between companies in the agro-food and services sectors. The company, while maintaining its roots in the Campania region, today expands its activities and interests on the entire Italian national territory.
“100% Italian International Trade” was founded, primarily, as a company specializing in the International Trade of food products with the intention to bring to the world the benefits of the typical products of the so-called “Mediterranean Diet”, among which stand out for their nutritional value :
– Extra Virgin Olive Oil D.O.P Cilento
– Dried and fresh pasta
– High Quality Meats (also Halal)
– Cheese D.O.P including buffalo mozzarella
– Legumes
– Pomodoro (Tomato) S. Marzano D.O.P
– Famous Anchovies of the Amalfi Coast
– Cilento Wine and of the Amalfi Coast
The cooperation agreement reached with “Ital Caspian Business Consulting”, a leading consulting organization in the Azerbaijani market, deals with different sectors and provides the Italian companies with support to export products ranging from the food chain to the health sector, paramedic, equipment for diagnostics, radiology and cosmetics, plant and equipments for agriculture.
The partnership between the two companies in the business consulting sector is considered a valuable contribution to the Italian and Azeri economies, able to further strengthen trade relations between the two countries.

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