Ital Caspian for the event “FVTVRISMO ORA”, promoted by the Italian Embassy and organized by Centro Italiano in Baku

3 iyun 2016

From June to September 2016, Baku will host “Futurismo Ora”, a unique Art-Event, never held before, that has a very high cultural and educational value. Promoted by the Italian Embassy of Baku, organized by Azerbaycan-Italiya Assosiasiyasi and Centro Italiano Baku, the event is supported by Italian and Azerbaijani companies including Ital Caspian Business Consulting, that strongly believe in the importance of Culture as a vehicle of growth of a country, and of development of an healthy economy. Art direction of the event is curated by Paola Casagrande and Stefano Muscaritolo.
“Futurismo Ora” is a multidisciplinary project based on Futurism, an important artistic movement, that characterized and heavily influenced Italy and several other countries since the early twentieth century, bringing innovation in all the arts, such as painting, sculpture, music, architecture, theater, cinema and even gastronomy.
Students from major universities of Baku and young artists were invited in creating artistic works based on their own vision of the Future. More than 100 artists have joined the initiative. Their works will be presented during the opening ceremony on 7 June 2016 and exhibited from June to September 2016 at the exhibition

space of Centro Italiano Baku. On September an international jury will award the best works.
During the opening ceremony, that will be held in Lamborghini Showroom, an incredible musical performance will take place. A Lamborghini car will share the scene with a string orchestra rekindling the past, reinforcing the present, pushing the future!
On June 2016, two important events will occur: The Italian National Day (June 2) and the Grand Prix Baku 2016 (June 17-19). “FVTVRISMO ORA” matches both events. From one side promotes the Italian Culture, raising awareness of a very important Italian Art Current which Futurism is, from the other side promotes the concepts of Technology, Speed, Future, enclosed in the general vision of Futurism, announcing the Gran Prix Baku 2016.

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